Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

TrustedOpinion : Found a Place to Eat

Often when we go somewhere we are confused about where the restaurant is suitable for us, if we have to find it will probably take a lot of time. To simplify it all TrustedOpinion may be the right site for your visit, for there to provide information about places to eat where your site was.

to assess whether the restaurant is suitable for you or not, you can see the rating of any existing restaurants, the higher the rating the more recommended restaurant is for you.

In addition you can see the recommended restaurant you can also help provide a recommendation restaurant that you think is suitable for in for, but first you must register first.

TrustedOpinion designed almost like Facebook, but more spesisifik to locations to eat. There you can chat like Facebook.

Selasa, 26 Juli 2011

Bestcovery: Best Shop digital camera for you the Best Price

If you want to buy something, course you will find out about items that you will buy. For example if you want to buy best digital camera for you . then you find out what best digital camera for you best for you.

Here is a site that gives information about the goods on the market. This site will provide a review of the product that you will buy.

For example we will buy best digital camera for you . then we just select the category best digital camera for you and there is a wide range of brands best digital camera for you the best in the show. then from all the existing list of you can choose one of these digital camera for you see the review.

Even you can also see a price comparison of each store that provides the camera. there can be seen seller rating of each store making it easier for us digital camera for you choose the best stores digital camera for you buy the best stuff we want :)


On this site there are many categories of the option items can be in review, and here are some list:

- Appliances
- Automotive
- Babies & Kid
- Books
- Business & Finance
- Cameras
- Computers
- Electronics
- Health & Beauty
- Home Audio
- Home Improvement
- Hotels
- Indor Living
- Musical Instruments
- Outdoor Living
- Software & Internet
- Sporting Goods
- Travel
- Video Games
- Wines

Kamis, 21 Juli 2011

Facebook : The Social Networking

Who does not know this social networking, yes facebook name. This social networking is very phenomenal in this century.

Facebook can shift other social networking  in the world like friendster, multiply, myspace, and many more.

Facebook provides a wide range of facilities that can be used by panggunanya.

some of the facilities provided by facebook may also exist in other social networks, but with all the ease of navigation to access various facilities, then facebook could be a champion in the competition of social networking media.

Some facilities are most often used by Facebook users are:

- Chat.
Looks like this one facility that makes facebook become a champion among
Another social networking, social networking earlier because before facebook present seems not to have this facility.

- Games
Para pecinta web base game sepertinya dimanjakan oleh hadirnya facebook, karena selain mereka bisa  bermain game, mereka juga bisa menambah teman dalam media jejaring sosial facebook. 

- Advertising
In addition to the status updates, and photo sharing and others, many users who use Facebook as a media buying and selling.
To facilitate that facebook provides affordable advertising to market their products to be sold.